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Discipline to Be Done When Lockout Ends?

roger goodellThe one thing that has remained a constant during this entire NFL lockout process is the fact that these guys cannot seem to keep themselves out of trouble. Every morning when I log on to ESPN.com in the top headlines I almost always see something about some player being arrested, or charged with some crime, or they were simply involved with something that they should not have been involved in. I will not take out the time today to talk about why this happens, but rather I want to touch on what this means for these players when the lockout ends.

Up to this point Roger Goodell (aka Sir Dictator) has not been able to discipline any of the players that have gotten in trouble this off season because of the lockout. When it ends however you can rest assured that he will come down with some kind of wrath on the players that have given more black eyes to an already tarnished league (in my opinion). So what does this mean for those players and for daily fantasy players?

The first player that Goodell will deal with (in all likelihood) is going to be James Harrison. For those of you who may be unaware Mr. Harrison james harrison mens journaltook it upon himself to tell the world how all of the players (supposedly) in the NFL feel about Sir Dictator. Whether you feel that way or not, its simply not a smart idea to go out there and start talking like that to the media. My feeling is that Harrison is going to be suspended at least one game and maybe two, or an exorbitant fine will be given. Assuming he is given a fine, what does that do to the Steelers defense? Traditionally the Steelers D is a daily fantasy football defense powerhouse, but without one of their key weapons will they be as effective? Something to ponder for sure. Also on the Steelers, Hines Ward looks to be up for a suspension after his DWI, what does that do to Big Ben’s effectiveness?

The Bengals might think that they only have to worry about how to resign Carson Palmer or how to get AJ Greene acclimated to the new system, but now they have to cope with possibly not having Cedric Benson when the season begins. After being arrested just the other day its unlikely that Benson will escape this situation without a suspension at the very least which puts the entire Bengals offense in peril, because in the NFL if you can’t establish a running game you’re going to have problems.

While the aforementioned players are only a few of the guys that come to mind when you talk about those that have gotten in trouble this off season it should cause a light bulb to go off in your head. Obviously you’re not going to pick a suspended player, but consider what it does to the entire team. Bensons’s suspension is going to be more costly to the Bengals than Harrison’s will be to the Steelers, but in both scenarios their absences would be grounds for avoiding those teams, at least in my opinion.

Its going to be interesting to see what Sir Dictator is going to do when the lockout ends in terms of punishment, but I assume it will be swift and unjust.

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