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Hurting Giants Defense = Washington Romp in Week 1?

rex grossmanIm not sure I have ever written an article or made a statement wherein I exclaimed “Washington Romp” before but it just happened so now its time to justify it. For those of you that are normal and do not spend every waking moment reading about, watching and getting involved with sports (unlike myself) you may not be aware of all of the injuries that have now all but decimated the New York Giants defense, and the season has not even started yet! So who specifically has gone down?

Osi Umenyiora – Osi held out at first but when he came back he was hurt almost immediately and is now ruled out of the week 1 matchup against the Skins and could miss week 2 as well.

Jonathan Goff – After colliding with an offensive lineman in practice, Goff tore his ACL and will miss the entire 2011 season

Justin Tuck – Although just questionable he has said that his neck has been bothering him, and as we’ve learned a neck injury is the last one that you want.

Terrell Thomas – Their stud safety also tore his ACL in a pre season game after getting leg whipped by defensive end Pierre Paul (on accident of course). He will miss the entire 2011 season.

Marvin Austin – Although its tough to determine what effect this second round pick would’ve had this season, he tore his pectoral muscle and will be out for all of 2011.

Prince Amukamara – Again a tough one to judge, but considering how decimated this defensive backfield has become one would have to assume that Prince would’ve made a difference. Instead he has a broken foot and will be out for at least the first 3-4 games of the season.

Bruce Johnson – Cornerback, lost to an Achilles.

Brian Witherspoon – Cornerback, ACL tear

So what does it mean?
What it means is that a mediocre Washington Redskins squad which will be led by newly named starter Rex Grossman is going to have a chance to put up some points in daily fantasy games. Lets take a look at some of the teams top play makers along with their prices and figure out who should be targeted.

Note – Their are two prices next to each player they are in order of FanDuel/DraftStreet. Daily Joust has not yet released their week 1 pricing so we are unable to provide that data to you.

So first up on the list we have of course.

Rex Grossman – QB – $5,000 – $7,913
Grossman is a huge risk irregardless of what has happened to the defense in New York. As a career backup he did make several starts last season after the Donovan McNabb controversy. In the three starts that he made Sexy Rexy averaged 280 yards, 2.3 TD passes and 1.3 interceptions (threw at least one each game). Those numbers do not appear all that bad on paper, especially when you take into account that his last start was against the New York Giants and although the Redskins ultimately lost he tossed the rock for 336 yards, 2TD’s and a pick. Now I do not know the logistics of that game but I would assume that the G-men were resting most of their guys at that point in the season which may be the reason for such stats, HOWEVER, it kind of feels like they are “resting” them this week to doesn’t it?

Rex will be on a short leash and it stands to reason that if he struggles early he will get yanked pretty quickly, but for his price he may be worth the risk.

Santana Moss – WR – $6,800 – $8,650
I have already written about the fact that I like Santana in the early going this season but lets talk about him again shall we? In his last preseason game of the season Moss caught 7 of 9 for 64 yards and a touchdown. With the decimated Giants secondary it looks to me like Santana is a great value pick in week one, but that also assumes that Rex is able to produce. They will rely on one another for production, and odds are that if one of them is failing the other won’t be to far ahead or behind.

I like him and plan on using him for several of my tournament teams this weekend.

Tim Hightower – RB – $5,400 – $6,976
Anytime you can get a running back that has the ability to produce for these prices you have to take full advantage. Among their injuries is Jonathan Goff a.k.a. the former starting middle linebacker. At this point they are scrambling to replace him and it looks like Kawika Mitchell or Dhani Jones will get signed as a replacement which may or may not affect Hightowers’ value. Running backs are generally less risky than WR’s or QB’s when you’re talking about value picks, but don’t let that sentiment fool you. Hightower is more of less the best of the worst in Washington and with his fumbling history he has the ability to set you up for both success and failure.

Tread carefully.

Roy Helu – RB – $4,500 – $5,041
If you take Helu you might as well play the lottery because he is either going to find a way onto the field and stay there (if Hightower is underwhelming) or he won’t even see the field. I have absolutely no idea what to expect out of him, but as it gets closer to game time, IF Mike Shannahan says that their will be a significant split in the action amongst he and Hightower, you might want to go with the cheaper option.

Ryan Torrain – RB – $6,300 – N/A
Although Ryan played in the last preseason game and Hightower/Helu didn’t suit up, it stands to reason that he won’t be doing much in week one. What sucks here is the fact that their is such a running back committee in Washington which makes it very difficult to profit off of the Giants poor defensive situation.

The best thing you can do with these guys is wait until game time approaches and see what Mike Shannahan says about the playing time split in week 1.

Graham Gano – K – $5,200 – (DS does not use kickers
Its rare to read a daily fantasy football strategy article and have the writer mention a kicker, but I can assure you that I will be using Gano on both my Daily Joust and FanDuel rosters this weekend. He will kick at least three field goals, and three extra points at least this weekend, and for his price he is an absolute steal.

Jabar Gaffney – WR – $5,700 – $4,894
Gaffney has developed a solid relationship with the starter Rex Grossman, and should be a nice compliment opposite of Santana Moss. He is very very cheap regardless of what site you are going to play on and may make a decent third pick at WR.

Deep Sleepers
Terrence Austin and Anthony Armstrong are deep sleepers that are also very cheap with some upside (deep threats) but more likely than not will not produce much. Keep an eye on them only if you really need to pinch some pennies.

In Closing
You will notice that I did not mention Chris Cooley in this article and that is due to the fact that he appears to be out for week one (listed as a game time decision). If he is out the Skins receiving corp becomes even more valuable, and even if he plays it feels like he won’t be 100% so who knows how effective he will ultimately be.

Just remember that the goal of daily fantasy sports is to find a player that will produce at the same level as one that costs more for less. The aforementioned players should be able to do that this week against a weak Giants defense. This is of course not a perfect science, and don’t get mad at me if the Giants win 100-0 but in all likelihood these players will meet and exceed the expectations set by their salaries this week.

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