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Using Early Season Matchups To Help You in Daily Fantasy Football

In seasonal fantasy football we are consumed by tier sheets, and the term sleeper has a different term than in daily fantasy. For instance it is almost never advisable for you to draft/start Oakland quarterback Jason Campbell in a season long league, but in daily you have the ability to take more of a risk on a guy who has quite a bit of upside in the opening weeks of the season. What follows is a small list of players that open their seasons with what appear to be good matchups on paper, and guys that no one is drafting in seasonal leagues. So lets take a look.

Cedric Benson, CIN, RB – $6,700 on FanDuel – $9,449 on DraftStreet
Every person has written off Benson this preseason for the sake of seasonal fantasy (myself included). However it is when you look at him from a week to week perspective that his value begins to shine through. He opens the season against the Cleveland Browns (129 rush yards per game in 2010), then goes on to face the Denver Broncos (155 rush yards per game in 2010). The third week brings a matchup against the solid albeit hurt San Francisco 49ers, and finally he matches up against my Buffalo Bills (170 rush yards per game last year) which was the worst in the league. The Jacksonville Jaguars and the Indianapolis Colts in weeks 5 and 6 don’t offer much more resistance either. Couple this with the fact that the Bengals will be using a rookie at QB, with a rookie WR and it’s conceivable that he is averaging 100 yards with a TD per game going into the bye week.

Brandon Jacobs, NYG, RB – $6,100 on FanDuel – $8,350 on DraftStreet
Jacobs’ pricing and preseason statistics make him a viable daily option in the early going. He will lineup week 1 against the woeful Washington Redskins. Weeks 2 and 3 offer tougher run D challenges but then, you have the Arizona Cardinals in week 4 and of course the Buffalo Bills in week 6. Hes a guy no one will pick on daily sites because hes in a 50/50 split situation with Ahmad Bradshaw, but that could be your angle to pounce and rack up some serious points in doing so.

Santana Moss, WSH, WR – $6,800 on FanDuel – $8,659 on DraftStreet
When you take a good hard look at the Washington Redskins’ receiving corp its hard to recommend anyone outside of Santana. Moss resigned this offseason and looks like the only viable candidate to catch the ball on that team this season. His first two games come against a depleted New York Giants secondary and a weak Arizona Cardinals pass defense, respectively. Week three looks to be the easiest in the first half against the Dallas Cowboys followed by maybe the toughest in the St. Louis Rams in week 4.

Braylon Edwards, SF, WR – $6,200 on FanDuel – $5,921 on DraftStreet
My biggest hangup on Braylon is Michael Crabtree, but if he misses any time whatsoever then I believe at his pricing Braylon is a must start in the first three weeks of the season. In those games he is going to face the Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys, and the Cincinnati Bengals respectively. Week 4 matches him up against the Philadelphia Eagles, and presumably Nnamdi Asomugha which means make sure he is as far away from your roster as possible. But again if Crabtree is playing I don’t love either of them, especially when Alex Smith is tossing them the rock.

Jason Campbell, OAK, QB – $7,100 on FanDuel – $9,704 on DraftStreet
Campbell’s opening game against the Denver Broncos and second week matchup against the Buffalo Bills look to be pretty saucy. The teams allowed 26tds/10ints and 28td/11ints last season respectively and do not appear to be much improved at those positions this season. Week three against the New York Jets is almost a mirage in that they a highly touted but still allowed 24tds with just 12ints last season. Week four against the Patriots, a team which led the league in interceptions last season looks to be the toughest for this mediocre quarterback. Finally in week five he gets the dream matchup against the Houston Texans, and unless they have drastically improved since last season (which they haven’t) it oughta be a good one for sure.

Whether or not our predictions end up correct is something we will have to wait and see on, but either way these players’ pricing coupled with their early season matchups make them good picks for any daily fantasy football squad. You could also pickup one of these guys on the waiver wire or draft them late and sell high after their juiciest match ups are behind them

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