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Top QB Matchups for Week 17 in the NFL

After writing our best running backs in the NFL for week 17, I figured I would follow it up immediately with our top passing match ups for this weeks. Just as I prefaced the running back article, I will preface this one by saying that I’m not going to write about guys who might sit, although if they have good match ups perhaps we’ll delve into their backups.

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Once you’re signed up lets talk quarterbacks.

Ryan FitzpatrickBuffalo Bills
If you’re a mostly heads up player then odds are you will see very few if any at all Fitzpatrick led squads this weekend. Luckily for you however, he’s a solid option as he’ll take on the New England Patriots who have the worst pass defense in the league. He threw for 369 yards, 2 TD’s and 2 INT’s in week 3 when the teams first met, and should have little trouble making that happen again this weekend. Furthermore, the Bills will do everything in their power to try and beat the Patriots, regardless of what it might mean for their draft pick so feel free to fire away with Fitzy if you feel so inclined.

Matthew StaffordDetroit Lions
The Lions, who’ve clinched a playoff spot for the first time in a long time are saying that they’re going to play all of their starters the entire game this weekend. Whether or not that holds true is yet to be seen, but with the matchup that Stafford has against the leagues second worst pass defense in the Green Bay Packers, it might not matter if he only plays a half a game. The last time he faced the pack he threw for 276 yards, 1 TD and 3 INT’s. The picks are obviously a bit concerning, but he hasn’t thrown an interception in the past three weeks, and if the Packers rest key defensive personnel early then he should have little trouble as the game progresses.

Cam Newton – Carolina Panthers
I was lucky enough to have Newton on my squad last week as he went for a total of 5 touchdowns, and while it would seem unlikely that he’ll do that again this week, he did manage 3 touchdowns the first time his team met the New Orleans Saints. This kid has been nothing short of supremely spectacular this season, and in a game where their should be points, points and more points he is my guy all the way.

Tony Romo – Dallas Cowboys
I wish Romo didn’t have an injury concern this week, because he’ll face one of the leagues worst pass defenses, the same one that he torched for 4 touchdowns earlier in the season, and this is a game between the Giants and the Cowboys where the winner goes to the playoffs and the loser goes home. While its anticipated that he’ll play and start, theirs a small outside chance that he sits, and another chance that if he plays he’ll be hampered throughout. Still, if he wants to prove that he’s a gamer and not a choke artist, he’ll come out hurling in this one, and I might just take my odds on a guy like that in a game like this for my team this weekend.

Mark Sanchez – New York Jets
I don’t normally talk much about Sanchez because for a large majority of the season he hasn’t been much of a fantasy threat. In recent weeks however he’s come on a little bit as of late with 12 touchdowns and 5 picks to go along with more than 900 yards in the last 5 weeks. The Miami Dolphins have given up 6 touchdowns to opposing QB’s in the last 3 weeks, so Sanchez should be able to capitalize in a big way this weekend. He won’t be on my team, I simply don’t believe in him, but the numbers seem to be working in his favor if you’re looking for a lower level option.

Phillip Rivers – San Diego Chargers
This is an interesting pick for a lot of reasons and I think that quite a few things will have to work out for this one to pay off. On paper the Raiders have a very poor pass defense, and IF Rivers has his head in the game he should be able to tear them apart. Should he do that, he’ll keep them out of the playoffs, and given the rivalry I think he’s got a pretty good chance of coming out and slinging it hard core. Then again, he could just as easily not show up, because he’s somewhat of a head case at times, and should that happen you better hope you’re far, far away.

Those are what we believe are the quarterbacks with the best match ups for week 17. Think you’ve got something better? Don’t be afraid to let us know in the comment section below or on Twitter, or of course, Facebook!

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