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Syracuse Orange’s Daily Fantasy Impact

This article was guest written by Dan LaDuke who mainly writes for Athletic Jocks. Be sure to check it out and follow the site @athleticJocks

When looking at this year’s Syracuse basketball team, consistency is a word that stands out. Nothing is better for a fantasy owner than consistency out of their players. Syracuse is also the deepest team in the country. This however, can work both ways for a fantasy owner. The problem with this team being so deep is that no one person plays more than 29 minutes per game. But if you are looking for some players to fill up stats game after game, without wowing you, look no further than the Syracuse basketball team.

There are many factors that play into who you would want to pick up for your Fan Duel Fantasy Basketball team. This Syracuse team has every type of player that you would want to fill in for your daily fantasy basketball team. If you need a player that’s going to put up points, look no further than Kris Joseph or Dion Waiters. If you need a guy that’s going to get you a lot of assists, Scoop Jardine is your man. Blocks are also a big stat that can turn in a lot of points, and Fab Melo can fill that stat for you. Another great thing about this years Syracuse basketball team, they don’t turn the ball over a whole lot. As a team, Syracuse only averages 11 turnovers per game. That is a fairly low number for a team that plays the level of competition that Syracuse plays, and this is something that can really help fantasy owners.

Dion Waiters is an absolute stud. There is no disputing that. He is also the perfect fantasy basketball player. He averages 13 points, 2 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals per game. Although he only averages 2 steal per game, there have been a number of games were he had 4 plus steals, which usually lead to a transition bucket for him. He is the type of player that can fill up the stat sheet in many ways, which is great if you were to have Dion on your fantasy basketball team. He also is a very efficient shooter, with a field goal percentage of 52%, another thing to look at for possible fantasy owners.

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One of the other players that would fit in well for fantasy owners is Brandon Triche. Triche does not wow you as you watch the game, but when you look back at his stat sheet, he will wow his fantasy owners. Brandon is averaging 10 points per game, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, and 1 steal per game. He is not the scorer or thief that Dion Waiters is, but he bring a more overall approach to the game.

The stats go on and on for the orange. Kris Joseph leads the team in scoring with a 13.7 ppg output, CJ Fair is another guy who is a stat stuffer, averaging 8.6ppg and 5.2 rebounds per game, and Fab Melo is a beast down low averaging almost 4 blocks per game.

You really can’t go wrong taking any one of these players for your Fan Duel Fantasy College Basketball team. They will all help you in some way, and can all fill in needs that most fantasy owners are looking for.

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