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5 Players You Should Sit in Week 10

When you draft a player in one of the first three or maybe even four rounds of your fantasy draft, making the decision to sit him is often tough. Today we’re going to tell you that you MUST sit the following players if they’re on your roster, and in all likelihood you drafted them within the first 3-4 rounds of your fantasy draft. They’ve all got different reasons for needing to be on your bench but the bottom line is that they must be there.

Real quick before we get started, don’t forget to check out our free roll section for a full listing of all of the free money contests that are taking place this Sunday November 11. With that out of the way, lets get down to business.

Michael Vick – Philadelphia Eagles – QB
I am a firm believer in Vick and the magic that he can still bring from his legs but the fact of the matter is that he gets beat up, big time. According to a recent ESPN statistic, the Eagles QB is under pressure more than 30% of the time! I am not sure how you’re supposed to be effective when that sort of thing is happening to you. This week against Dallas you can rest assured that Demarcus Ware is going to make his presence known early and often. Vick has no place in a starting lineup for week 10.

Matt Schaub – Houston Texans – QB
Schaub is in a bit of a class of his own this week being that we’re making this call, not based on his play, but rather, his opponents play. The Bears defense is on fire this season and we do not expect for anything to change this week against the Texans. So far this season the Bears defense has 29 takeaways, given up 15 points and 318 yards per game. Even the best QB’s would have trouble finding holes against this defense, and Schaub is not one of the best. Stay away.

Jamaal Charles – Kansas City Chiefs – RB
You would think that a team as abysmal as the Chiefs would manage to give the rock to their star player more often, similar to what Minnesota does with Adrian Peterson. Unfortunately thats not been the case for the past few weeks anyway and fantasy owners have suffered because of it. Add to the fact that he’s not getting the ball, the reality that he may be hurt in this game and he’s going against a defense which hasn’t allowed a 100+ yard rusher in over a month. Charles was a top pick for most of you but he needs to be on your bench.

Fred Jackson – Buffalo Bills – RB
The Bills thought that they were going to be contenders in the AFC East this season and while thats still possibly, its highly unlikely. Nevertheless they’ve still got to go out and play against the Patriots this week who’ve got one of the top rated rush defenses in the league. Because of that and the fact that CJ Spiller is probably going to get the bulk of the carries for the Bills this week, Jackson is a guy that you should seriously consider putting on your bench.

DeSean Jackson – Philadelphia Eagles – WR
So long as Vick has trouble getting the ball out of the pocket, DeSean will struggle. Add to that, the fact that Jackson is one of the most inconsistent players in the game, and you get a guy who needs to be on your bench this weekend. While most of you will point to the fact that on a single play Jackson can outscore just about every other WR, just know that putting your eggs in the big play basket is a dangerous game, friendo.

What are your thoughts on this weeks must sits? Agree/disagree? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or the comment section below.

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