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Gmoney’s Star Picks for this Week in the NFL

tom brady of the new england patriots

Tom Brady

Thank you for visiting dailyfantasysports.org. This is the inaugural article of GMONEY’s STAR Picks for “Showing You Da Money” at the end of the Divisional Playoffs this weekend in the NFL. Please feel free to like this article or offer comments or suggestions afterwards.

As a daily fantasy player, you have the one constant that we all strive for and that is to “Making That Money”. Therefore, I believe it is now time to jump into GMONEY’s STAR Picks for this Weekend in the NFL. I will be using FanDuel pricing when referring to these players. As you may or may not know, you have 60K to divide up within your 9 players. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure that you “SHOP” Wisely.

Quarterback – Well, there are certain positions that you can afford to use some value. Unfortunately, the QB position is definitely not one this week. We have several stars in action this weekend, including Manning, Brady, Rodgers, as well as the up and coming newcomers Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson. I will give you two plays, and they may be the obvious choices here, but like I said, the QB position will be the ONE spot where you will definitely have to spend money in order to “Make Da Money”. Tom Brady 9,700 on FanDuel, is at home playing again against the Houston Texans. Let’s face it: Bellicheck loves to have the Pedal on the Metal, and there is no reason why he will not repeat his performance like he had several weeks ago with 296 Yards and 4 TD’s. Although the Houston Defense showed up last week, they were at Home, and c’mon Man, they were playing the Red Headed Quarterback. You just can’t compare Brady to Dalton, therefore have no fear in spending the big bucks, and ensure that Brady is on your team.

The second option here is Ol’ Reliable (Peyton Manning). He is a little cheaper at 8,900 in FanDuel, and is facing a much improved Ravens Defense. Still, the Ravens are Jekyll and Hyde when it comes to them being at Home and the Road, plus I for see Joe Flacco turning the ball over 2-3 times this weekend, putting Manning in position to demoralize the Ravens.

Although I do not recommend it, if you are strapped for cash, you can use Matt Schaub 7,100 on FanDuel as the Texans will be behind in this game and will need to air it out. You may be able to get some garbage time fantasy points here. I can easily see about 260 yds with 2 TD’s and 2 Int’s.

Running Back – At the RB position, there are 3 recommendations. The 1st one is Frank Gore. His value is set at 7,300 on FanDuel. He has a career avg. of about 7 yards per attempt against the Packers in 3 games, and the Packers give up about 130 rushing yards on the road. I can totally see here how the Niners will play conservative at home and try to run the ball to keep Rodgers and Co. away from having the football. Like I mentioned, the Packers are not very good at stopping the run, so expect a heavy dose of Gore this weekend.

The 2nd Pick is Marshawn Lynch(AKA BEAST MODE), valued at the 3rd most expensive RB at 8,400 on FanDuel. Expect a BIG dose of BEAST MODE as Atlanta can’t stop the Run (Ranked 21st in the League), and the game will be on Artificial Turf in the Dome. Beast Mode will eclipse the 100 Yd. Mark with a Touchdown or 2. Just like the Niners, the Seahawks will be trying to control the ball to keep it away from Matty “Boy” Ryan and their great receivers.
The 3rd Pick is Knowshon Moreno, the cheapest of the three running backs mentioned at 6,600 on FanDuel. I am a firm believer in looking at previous games against the same opponent, and follow that pattern. In his previous game against the Ravens, he ran for over 100 yards and a Touchdown. At home and with the lead after a few turnovers from Ravens, I expect Moreno to do much of the same.

marshawn lynch of the seattle seahawks

Beast Mode says Come Get Some!

Receivers – Here, folks, is where you will be able to have some value and have the most variance against the other opponents. I will give you 3 picks. An expensive player, a middle priced player, and my sleeper pick this week at a very nice price.

Let’s start with the expensive player. Eric “Double” Decker, valued at 7,100 on FanDuel. As I mentioned earlier, I believe in repeat performances and he had a monster game against the Ravens in Week 15 for over 100 yards on 8 receptions and a Touchdown. Many players will be having Demaryius Thomas, at 7,800, and although he did get hurt for some the 1st game, I mean Thomas, I still expect “Double” Decker to have a somewhat similar performance against the 2nd cornerback of the Ravens.

The middle priced player is Randall “Corn on the” Cobb, valued at 6,300 on FanDuel. To continue my trend of looking at repeat performances, you have to go all the way back to week 1 when the Packers played the 49ers, in which he had 9 catches for 77 yards. As the season has gone on, Randall Cobb has been used more and more, and the 49ers struggle against receivers in the slot. Therefore, I expect Cobb to have double digit targets with about 7 catches for 90 yards and a Touchdown.

My sleeper pick for this week, at an el cheapo price of $5,000 on FanDuel is Harry “WHO” Douglas. Like I mentioned at the beginning of the article, you have to shop wisely and there will be 1-2 players who you will need to take at a smaller value with only 60K to spend. Here is one player in which not that many people may have that WILL make the difference. Atlanta loves to throw the ball around, and Seattle has 2 great corners in Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner. Therefore, I expect a few more targets to Harry Douglas, who will be in the slot on 3 receiver sets, and Seattle has struggled against receivers playing the slot. He may end up with 5 catches for 60 yards and a Touchdown.

Tight End – Here, I give you two selections. An obvious one, and another based on matchups and history. For the obvious one, if you can afford it, go with Rob Gronkowski, valued at 7,100 on FanDuel. I must say that Gronk is basically back to full health and he had 11 Touchdowns in 11 games played. Enough Said! My other selection is Dennis Pitta “Bread”. His value is somewhat cheaper at 5,400 on FanDuel and he BURNED the Broncos on Week 15 for 125 yards and 2 Touchdowns. Due to the Ravens having to throw the ball around, and Denver being in the bottom 5 of points allowed to opposing Tight Ends, this seems like a great value play.

Kicker – Kickers are always a crap shoot and hard to sometimes figure out. Yet, I will give you 2 selections. The 1st one is Matt Prater, who is valued at 5,500 on FanDuel and scored double digit points in the 1st matchup, and will play at the friendly kicker confines in Denver. You may see 2 long field goals and 3 extra points giving you double digits again from your kicker. The second kicker is Stephen Gostkowski, valued at 5,100 on FanDuel. Incredibly the cheapest valued kicker of the weekend.

Defense – I will give you only one Defensive selection and this will be the Denver Broncos, valued at 5,600 on FanDuel. Back in Week 15, the Broncos had 3 sacks, two turnovers in which one of them was returned for a Touchdown. Now, back home, with the Brutal Joe Flacco, who is very turnover prone on the Road, I expect about 5 sacks, 3 turnovers, and a very, very strong chance of a Defensive Touchdown.

Well, here are my suggestions for this week. If you have any comments, feel free to respond. Until then, it’s time to “SHOW ME DA MONEY”. Good Luck All!


  1. dl

    January 10, 2013 at 10:09 am

    Great Article! Thanks GMoney!

  2. Dorilin Abad

    January 10, 2013 at 11:11 am


  3. Andrew

    January 10, 2013 at 1:14 pm

    Great article ! Keep
    up the good work GMoney!

  4. Laura

    January 10, 2013 at 3:22 pm

    Awesome article!!! Keep writing GMoney!!!

  5. JC

    January 10, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    So G ” show me da” Money. good article. You have any more sleepers in mind. I love fantasy sports. you have any picks or opinions on baseball or NBA. Going to ride your pics this week so SHOE ME DA MONEY.

    • CSchad44

      January 10, 2013 at 4:42 pm

      JC thanks for the comment and glad you hear you’re a big fan of fantasy sports. Make sure you check out our weekly NBA value pick articles if you’re interested. Next scheduled article will be posted by tomorrow afternoon.

  6. Erik

    January 10, 2013 at 5:28 pm

    JC, this is the writer GMONEY… Thanks for the post. I wish you luck as I will be too riding my picks this weekend on fanduel. Make sure to tell your friends about this site.

    Best of luck

  7. 67Lady

    January 10, 2013 at 6:24 pm

    Love it!!!! Very informative. GIVE DA MONEY Excellent article

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