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Jan. 27 DraftStreet NHL Value Picks

While last night was not the best we’ve ever seen with regards to value picks, David Perron and Lee Stempniak certainly helped out anyone who decided to place them on their roster. Today there are 8 NHL games on tap but the staggered times throw things off just a bit. For that reason our value picks are only going to cover the games from 6:00pm EST and later. For those of you who play on DraftStreet.com that is everything in the “Standard” category.

Speaking of DraftStreet
If you have not yet signed up we encourage you to do so. Not only is it a lot of fun, but with the right skills it can also be VERY lucrative. Give it a shot, we’ll see you over there!

In the meantime click on “Next” to begin viewing tonights top 5 NHL value picks.

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