Daily Fantasy Sports
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People have been playing traditional fantasy games for quite a while now. We all know how these games work, you draft a team at the beginning of the season, work the waiver wire for a few weeks and then you either forget about it or quit in your mind because your team does not pan out. This is all well and good but theirs’ a better way don’t ya think? Well I know there is and that is the reason I started this website, and that is…

Daily Fantasy Sports
Daily fantasy or salary cap fantasy as it is sometimes referred to as is the new age of fantasy contests which pits opponents against each other everyday for cash. Unlike traditional fantasy in this concept you can pick new teams everyday by using the predetermined salary cap. Once you have determined the best team for your money you can enter contests for cash ranging in buy ins from $0 up through $270. The contests last just one day and at the end whomever has the highest score wins the money.

Its a great system and a whole lotta fun and something I recommend you sign up for immediately. If you are interested we are partnered with FanDuel and DraftStreet who aim to bring you the very best in all of the salary cap fantasy games that one could ever want. To get started click on the name and sign up. You will be given a deposit bonus upon signing up thanks to our partnership.

Let us know if you have any questions.