Daily Fantasy Sports
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Basic Strategy

The beauty of daily fantasy is the fact that their is a ton of strategy involved with the game. Where their is strategy, their is almost certainly money to be made and that is certainly the case here. In a daily game you’re taking into account most of the same things that you are looking at with seasonal leagues, but to be a long term winner you’ve got to dig even deeper and just as the title implies, you’ve got to do it everyday.

As daily fantasy players ourselves we’ve come across just about everything that you can come across when playing the game at one point or another. Because of that we’ve put together a basic strategy guide for each sport that should help to get you started as you journey deeper into the world of daily fantasy sports.

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Daily Fantasy Football

Daily Fantasy Baseball

Daily Fantasy Basketball

Daily Fantasy Hockey

While non of the aforementioned resources are exhaustive they do provide a very good base knowledge for anyone that is looking to become a long term winner.