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Getting Started

Hey there! Welcome to DailyFantasySports.org, your one stop destination for all things daily fantasy on the web today. Before we get started with talk of value picks, strategy and the like we feel that it is our duty to introduce you to the world of daily fantasy.

The following series of posts will illustrate the ins and outs of the daily fantasy world, and with a little luck they’ll help you to easily navigate through the rough terrain that is daily fantasy sports.

What is Daily Fantasy?

Why should I play?

Basic Strategy

Sites to Play On

If, after reading those articles you’re still not 100% sure on where to go from here we encourage you to get in touch with us so that we can lend a helping hand.

We at DFS.org believe in the concept of daily fantasy as a long term addition to the fantasy sports community and we remember just how excited we became once we first learned of it all. It is our goal that you’ll be able to see that very same light.