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Although their are a host of daily fantasy websites on there these days, we at DFS choose to only focus on what we consider to be the top three. Those three at DraftStreet, Daily Joust, and FanDuel. We feel as if these websites offer consumers the best variety of games, the best interfaces, and the best group of people running them. Whats more is that we vote with out wallets, and these are the sites that we actively participate on every single day irregardless of what sport it is. With that in mind the goal today is to offer up a small review of our friends over at DraftStreet.

draftstreetThe DraftStreet.com interface is very clean and easy to use. Their homepage allows players to find games by selecting a variety of criteria which enables you to drill down to the exact game you want. For instance if you want to play a $5, salary cap, MLB game, against two other people you can find those games quickly and easily.

Their player selection screen is just as easy and nice to use as it allows you to view a variety of statistics on players which only our other draftstreet draft roomfriends at DailyJoust do as well. For instance if you wanted to know the 15 day scoring average for all of the outfielders on the San Francisco Giants roster you can look that up effortlessly. Its something that will certainly spoil you, and its a great tool to have at your disposal. In addition they have a variety of “player news” pages up to ensure that you are always up to date on the happenings of the teams that you are looking to select players from.

Game Offerings
DraftStreet offers your usual, NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL games BUT it is also in the college football fantasy market when conference games are slated to begin. This ought to give a pretty good DailyJoust a pretty good run for their money. In addition as a daily fantasy player its important and recommend that you have at least two sites to play on so that you are able to find the best prices for your players. Speaking of pricing I think DraftStreet has some of the best and most accurate pricing of any site on the web. I believe this because of the fact that they treat their pricing much like hot and cold stocks. If a player is producing and people are picking him his price will increase, whereas if they are not being picked or not producing it will fall. It is then the job of the daily fantasy player to seek out the most under priced players with the most value and roster them for the day.

In any event, the games offered by DraftStreet include the sports mentioned above and they serve them up in a variety of formats and prize pools. Games can range from heads up to 3/6/10/20 man contests all the way up to 275 large field tournaments for a sport like MLB and 220 for something like NFL with NHL and NBA filling in accordingly.

In addition to their salary cap games DraftStreet also offers snake draft games which are exactly what you would play in a seasonal league on something like ESPN or Yahoo. These are offered in daily and weekly formats with up to 6 other people, and start at various times throughout the day.

Player Rewards
The player rewards section of DraftStreet is by far and away our favorite feature and if you’re looking for a deal breaker between another site and DS then this is it. With DraftStreet “street creds” you are able to purchase a variety of items including tickets to big weekend tournaments, clothing and more! You are awarded these credits by simply playing in real money games, or by winning free games on the DraftStreet website.

While the rake is still one of the biggest issue in this industry DraftStreet has made strides in reducing it for its “higher” limit players. Rake at the $5 level and below is still 10% and games at $2 are even higher, but once you start playing $11 and up it drops. $11 games and up are raked at about 9% which is not that bad, and is actually the lowest of the three sites that we play on.

Customer Service
I have not had very many run ins with the customer service department over at DraftStreet which is really a testament to the great product that they offer. Though the times that I have chatted with them have all been positive and I would recommend them to anyone.

Deposit/Withdrawal Services
The minimum deposit on DraftStreet is $20 and you can use your PayPal account or your credit card to get yourself loaded up. Users who sign up through this website will receive a 25% deposit bonus on their first deposit by Clicking Here.

Video Review

Signing up is very simple and takes no more than a few minutes and will enable you to jump in your first game tonight!

Not entirely sold on DraftStreet? Check out the interview that we did with HixvilleHunk HERE who won over $200,000 in gross profits in a period of about 6 months after starting off with just a $60 deposit!

If you have any questions about DraftStreet we encourage you to leave a comment below so that when we respond everyone will benefit, although you can alternatively just send us an email, we always respond :)

We hope to see you in our next game!

P.S. Those who sign up for any of the aforementioned websites through our specialized links are the first ones who will receive our daily fantasy research tools when they are released, so be sure to keep that in mind!