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When I was first introduced to daily fantasy sports it was through SnapDraft which as some of you may be aware was the bottom of the barrel when it came to daily fantasy. Luckily after suffering through a few months of SnapDraft daily fantasy baseball I stumbled upon to Fan Duel and was introduced to what daily fantasy sports websites are supposed to look and operate like. Over the past year I have played several hundred games on FanDuel with varying entry fees, and had a decent amount of success, especially during hockey season. Through it all I have had to deposit, withdraw, use the system, contact customer support and do all of the other things that make someone educated enough to be able to write a review on the matter. So without further adieu lets look at what makes Fan Duel the best in the daily fantasy business.

fan duel screenshot in review 1Ease of Use
One of the main things that I look for when joining a daily fantasy website is whether or not their interface is easy to use, streamlined, and on the cutting edge. While some websites do this better than others, Fan Duel’s interface is one of the best in the business, and they are always innovating. During hockey season we had an interface that I believed was already the best their was, and then before I knew it a new interface was designed and introduced around the start of MLB season and boy is it nice. You see while most people will not put in the time or effort to be a long term winning daily fantasy player, we all want simplicity in our lives whether we are pros or not. At the end of the day the FanDuel.com interface puts most others to shame and if I were a daily fantasy company I would certainly take a page out of their playbook.

Customer Service
As someone who spends all day long on the computer I understand what its like to talk with people over a live chat or cell phone and have to try to explain your problems to them, and then hope they are able to help you sooner rather than later. With FanDuel customer service is, in one word, awesome! I once had an issue wherein my account was compromised and within minutes of finding out about the situation and contacting support I was on the phone with Warrick Taylor who was able to rectify all of my issues in a timely fashion and with professionalism in his voice. Whenever you are dealing with money over the internet you want to ensure that you are dealing with good people who care about your business. In my opinion FanDuel does and should be commended for it.

Their really isn’t much to say here, deposits go in quick and withdrawals come out even quicker. If you want to know that your money is safe on a daily fantasy site then Fan Duel is where you want to be.

The competition on FanDuel is getting stronger but their are still plenty amount of fish to feast upon. The way in which their system is setup (games get posted to a homepage attached to one player) you can easily sit there and snipe all day if you so choose. While I don’t recommend it many a folks do it quite often and they are some of the highest money winners on the entire website. At the end of the day good research and a better lineup is going to be more beneficial than sitting on your computer all day sniping, but the path you choose is entirely up to you.

Game Selection
Last but not least on items to review at FanDuel.com is game selection and in my opinion its pretty solid. They offer a variety of multi player tournaments which feature very nice and hefty prize pools. If you prefer smaller amounts of competition then you will want to get involved with their 5, 10 of 2 man contests. I for one am a heads up specialist and I try to grind it out, but I know several players that do very well with 5 and 10 mans as well, so the choice is really yours.

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For those looking to sign up and be given a few extra sheckles for free, simply Click Here. You will be given a $5 bonus on a $10 initial deposit, $10 on a $25, and $20 on a $100. So what are you waiting for? Your fanduel promo code is waiting for you to redeem it. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

When its all said and done I believe that FanDuel.com is the best daily fantasy website on the internet and would encourage you to sign up immediately if you have not already done so.