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While fantasy sports, specifically daily fantasy sports sites such as FanDuel, Daily Joust and DraftStreet are getting a lot of attention these days, one website has come out with an entirely new concept to allow sports fans to cash in on their knowledge, and its called StarStreet. The concept is simple, purchase shares in professional athletes just like you would in a big company and let their performance on the field, court or ice determine their value within your portfolio. I recently made my first deposit and trades on the sports stock market and wanted to give my first impressions below.
The first thing that I noticed when logging into the Street is the simplicity with which the site was constructed. I was easily able to figure out who was selling for what price and where to go if I wanted to purchase shares in a given player. This ease of use is one of the major reasons that I have grown to love FanDuel over the years. While I consider myself to be a rather savvy person in regards to technology, when I sign up for a website wherein I am going to be spending money I don’t want any surprises along the way. I want things to work the way one would expect them to work, and thats what the boys at StarStreet have been able to do in a big way.

Payment Options
Keeping form with all of the daily fantasy sports websites that we preach about here so often, StarStreet offers you the ability to deposit money with both a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express) or via Paypal. Their is a minimum deposit of $25.

In terms of withdrawing your money the two options that you’ll have are PayPal or check. Their does not appear to be a minimum withdrawal amount, although this is something that I have not experimented with as of it so I will update if/when I have the appropriate information.

Customer Service
In all of the reviews I write the one thing that I am generally most concerned with is customer service. The bottom line is that if I have money with your company I want to know that its not only safe, but that if I have any questions about it you’re going to answer them for me in a timely manner so that I can sleep easier at night. The folks at StarStreet, led by CEO Jeremy Levine are amongst the most helpful people that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Their commitment to their vision of making this the biggest and the best fantasy sports stock market on the web means they’re willing to go to great lengths to ensure your happiness while trading.

How To Trade
In the future I will be writing at least one article per week in regards to strategic trading on the Street here on DFS which will be greatly beneficial for anyone that is looking for an edge in their trading. If the concept of buying shares of professional athletes seems a bit odd to you go ahead and watch the short video below before you sign up to see how it all works.

In Closing
I am very bullish on the entire fantasy sports market concept and would expect for more of these types of sites to spring up over the next few years, but for now StarStreet is the biggest and the best their is. I would highly encourage you to sign up today, and let us know when you make a trade! We’re always looking for feedback on the companies that we work with so if you have something to say about the Street please tweet, Facebook or comment so that we can better serve you moving forward.

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